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Pantai Karang Taraje
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Pantai Karang Taraje

Address : Indonesia , 42393, Banten, Lebak, Bayah, Pantai Karang Taraje


Karang Taraje is located about 4 kilometers from the city center Bayah district, Lebak Banten province, in addition to the beautiful unspoiled beaches are clean, the people around him are also very familiar. Tranquility and environmental conditions suitable attraction to be enjoyed by those who were on their honeymoon.

In addition to the beautiful unspoiled beaches clean, well supported by the community around a very familiar as the rural Sundanese. Visiting Karang Taraja is very suitable for those who have a hobby of adventure and nautical tourism. Because the cost is relatively very cheap, sometimes free of charge when entered, the typical sea food is considered very low, so is the form of lodging houses for rent. For travelers to the Manuk Island can request the services of a boat with the cost of Rp 50,000, 00 one way and Rp 100,000.00 for a round-trip.

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