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Tambang Emas Cikotok
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Tambang Emas Cikotok

Address : Indonesia , 42394, Banten, Lebak, Cibeber, Cikotok


Cikotok which is a region in Bayah, Lebak, Banten South, it was the star because one of the largest gold mine in Indonesia. However, fame and glory of Cikotok era began to fade along with the reduction in gold reserves.

The mine is located in Cibeber district. In order to reach the gold mines can be used 4-wheel vehicles including the bus. Distance from the capital Prov. Banten counted approximately 135 Km. Or 120 Km from Rangkasbitung.
Mine is a relic of the period of Dutch colonial, when it first opened in 1836, with first production in 1839.

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