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Ratu Boko Temple
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Ratu Boko Temple

Address : Bukit Boko Prambanan, Sleman, Yogyakarta


Site Ratu Baka (Java Language: Ratu Boko) is an archaeological site which is a complex number of the remaining buildings are located approximately 3 km to the south of the temple complex of Prambanan, 18 km east of Yogyakarta or 50 km southwest of the city of Surakarta, Central Java , Indonesia. Complex overall width is about 25 ha. This site displays the attribute as a place of activism or residential site, but the exact function is not known clearly. Ratu Boko is estimated to have used one in the 8th century during the dynasty Sailendra (Rakai Panangkaran) from Medang Kingdom (Mataram Hindu). Viewed from pattern of laying the remains of the building, allegedly the site is the former palace (the king). This opinion is based on the fact that this complex is not a temple or a building with a religious nature, but rather a fortified castle with evidence of residual dry walls and trenches as defensive structures. Remains of settlements are also found in the vicinity of this site. The name "Ratu Boko" is derived from local legend. Ratu Boko is the father of Loro Jonggrang, which is also the name of the main temple complex of Prambanan Temple. Administratively, the site is located in the subdistrict of Prambanan, Sleman, Yogyakarta and lies at an altitude of nearly 200 m above sea level.

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