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Taman Tanggo Radjo
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Taman Tanggo Radjo

Address : Sungai Batanghari, Jambi


Taman Tanggo Radjo / Radjo Tanggo park is a favorite place for Jambi residents to enjoy the afternoon and evening while enjoying a variety of snacks and a variety of Jambi culinary. One of the favorite snacks that are available is grilled corn and ice cane. The menu is provided by the existing row of tent stalls by the river Batanghari. More than that, in the evening visitors can enjoy the beautiful city lights reflected on the surface of the river. This place is perfect for relaxing with friends and families. The scenery in Rajo Tanggo is also somewhat exotic, and always be the object image that appeals to the photographer. On the Sunday place is usually fulled by people who like fishing.

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