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Air Terjun Maribaya
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Flights To Bandung, Indonesia (BDO)

Air Terjun Maribaya

Address : North Bandung Lembang, Bandung 40391


Maribaya indeed is one of the mainstay attraction for the government of Bandung regency. This once famous tourist attraction with pemandaian hot water, but lately so drowned after hot water attraction pemadian Sari Ater - Subang is opened. Strategic locations on the highway Bandung-Subang makes it easy to visited  .  

Aside from being a tourist hot spring, this location there are also sizeable waterfall. Omas waterfall, with a height of approximately 30 meters seems to also be the main attraction for domestic and foreign tourists to visit there. The existence of two bridge facilities observers from the top and bottom also makes it easy for visitors to be able to more freely enjoy the waterfalls without fear of getting wet.

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