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Bakso Sehat Bakso Atom

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Flights To Bandung, Indonesia (BDO)

Bakso Sehat Bakso Atom

Address : Festival Citylink Bandung Jalan Peta No.241 Bandung

Bakso Sehat Bakso Atom sell bakso like any other bakso stall, but there are something that make Bakso Sehat Bakso Atom become the most favorite place to enjoy a bowl of delicious bakso and succeed in opening many outlets everywhere across the city. Bakso Sehat Bakso Atom always gives the customer best satisfied services and serves its guests with bakso menu that selected from best quality ingredients. Not just a meatball (bakso), Bakso Sehat Bakso Atom expands them to be variant kind of bakso. Not only using meat, they also create various bakso from seafood. Moreover, they are creatively added kind of bakso fillings, like cheese, sum sum, shrimp, mushroom, and many more. There are also other menus like baksomay, batagor, and grilled bakso.

All of Bakso Sehat Bakso Atom’s outlets are located in very strategic place in office area and shopping center, so it will be much easier for you to find it and enjoy a bowl of healthy bakso with friends or family. 

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