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Godong Ijo
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Godong Ijo

Address : Jalan Cinangka Raya Km. 10 No. 60, Kelurahan Serua, Bojongsari, Sawangan, Depok


Godong ijo where tourism is a program that offers a lot of fun for its visitors. Choose one or more of the following programs: Young Greeners, designed to entertain as well as stimulate the children to be more concerned about the environment. In this program, there is Life Opera performances with the theme Stop Global Warming, Fast Learning Camp or also called the Tent Super Fast Learn the Mind Map is a fusion event, Super Memory, Successful Learning Strategies, Gymnastic Brain, Brain Games, Outbound Games, Planting Class , and Reptile Corner.

Not just for kids, Godong Ijo also offers programs for families and companies. Call it the Company and Family Gathering Gathering Package Package, which offers programs that provide "play, green, and smart" because there are different types of games that educate by introducing various kinds of ornamental plants and rare animals Godongijo special collections. It also added to the basic procedures for planting and care of ornamental plants. Amazing attractions achievers Garden in Southeast Asia also has a medicinal plant life or pharmacy which is rare in the market, such as the latest collections of Adenium Collection which was added in 2010-2011.Bila you tired of the various plants and move, you can relax in Botanical Café, where you can eat a meal a la Indonesia and Thailand while enjoying the natural environment.

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