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Gunung Galunggung
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Gunung Galunggung

Address : Kecamatan Sukaratu, Tasikmalaya


Galunggung mountain is a nature-themed attraction located in Sukaratu district, 20 km from City of Tasikmalaya. This mountain is a volcano mountain with an altitude of 2167 meters above sea level. Not just any mountain views can be enjoyed here, there are also some interesting objects that you can enjoy, a wanawisata with an area of approximately 120 hectares. In addition there are other objects in the form of hot water bath (Cipanas) complete with a swimming pool, bathroom and bathtub of hot water that occupies an area of 3 hectares, with a hot water bath from Galunggung. Of this hot water walkers can go into the crater of Mount Galunggung distance of 3 kilometers. From up here visitor can see very beautiful natural scenery above as a whole.

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