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Cibodas Botanical Garden
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Cibodas Botanical Garden

Address : Cianjur, Pacet, Cibodas


Cibodas Botanical Garden which covers 80 acres located at the foot of Mount Gede-Pangrango has long been known as a very interesting tourist attraction. In fact, there's that gave the Garden of Eden in Asia. The beauty of the Cibodas Botanical Gardens is supported by a collection of trees. Here the stored collection of hundreds of trees both old and young trees. Recorded 5831 sample of 1,206 kinds of plants live here.

To explore the entire contents Cibodas Botanical Garden by walking is  more enjoyable. However, given its contours up and down, instead driving. Unless you are physically strong.
In addition to presenting trees of green, on the back of the garden you can see the river where the water is clear. Since splitting the road, you have to cross the river is full of rocks. The river is located in altitude, so when you look at the landscape around, seemed to be at the top of the mountain. In the vicinity of this river, if by chance, you can see monkeys and even wild boar.

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