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Keraton Kanoman
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Keraton Kanoman

Address : Indonesia, Jawa Barat, Cirebon, Lemahwungkuk, Lemahwungkuk


Kanoman Palace located in Jl. Winaon, Kanoman Village, Lemah Wungkuk District. This palace is located on the coastal plain. In the northern kingdom are traditional markets, while in the south and east of a settlement. In the west there is a royal park school student. Kanoman palace founded by Prince Mohamad Badridin or Prince Kertawijaya, who holds Sultan Anom I, in about the year 1510 Saka or 1588 AD

One of the important building complexes located in the palace Kanoman is Witana. Witana comes from "Awit ana" meaning the first residential buildings were established when forming Caruban Hamlet. In kakawin Nagarakertagama witana building is in the form of temporary wooden stage with a roof without walls where the king abode while.

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