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Kuntum Nurseries
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Kuntum Nurseries

Address : Indonesia, Jawa Barat, Bogor, Bogor Timur, Tajur


Other agro tourism option in the city of Bogor is Kuntum Nurseries, an agro-tourism site in the Tajur area,  Bogor. The place is easily accessible from the red light after the toll Jagorawi is an ornamental plant sales center. With other facilities in the form of cafes and restaurants, you can also enjoy Sundanese dishes while enjoying the scenery around.

When you get to the location, your eyes will be served with lush green scenery and clean air. As far as the eye can see will see different kinds of plants and flowers are arranged neatly. These sights provide ornamental plants, medicinal plants, fruit plants, and for plantation / forest. If interested, you can buy plants with a variety of prices, which range between IDR 5 - 20,000 per seedling. In addition to plant seeds, where it also sells freshwater fish and fishing pond, which is supported by the fishing pond and a fishing rod rental.

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