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Rumah Sosis
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Rumah Sosis

Address : Doktor Setiabudi St, Bandung

Eat Swim and Play, it is a slogan of family amusement place that is Rumah Sosis or Sausage House. Based on the slogan, there are many entertaining activities which you can do

1. Eat

You can eat various of sausage dishes i.e. Beef Garlic, Black Pepper, Chicken Chipolata, Beef Bockwurst, Mini Bockwurst, Cheesy Super, Mini Cheesy and Big Bockwurst. The dishes will make you addicted to eat over and over again.

2. Swim

There is a swimming pool in Rumah Sosis. So besides eating, you can exercise or just accompanying your children to play.

3. Play

If you have satisfied with the dishes and the splash of water, you can try Rumah Sosis entertainment spots such as ATV, mini motor cross, mini becak/three cycle, bicycle, otoped, flying fox, trampoline, mini car, fish pond, tree house, fun climbing, horse riding, hallway astray, sausage boat, play land, and other bazaar games. Every spots has its own tariff.

Rumah Sosis is very interesting to visit, isn’t it? The restaurant concept which combines with amusement park is surely will be a right place to go in Bandung. The place opens everyday from 07.00-19.00 and 10.00-22.00 (for the restaurant).









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