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Situs Gunung Padang
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Situs Gunung Padang

Address : Kampung Panggulan, Desa Karyamukti Kecamatan Campaka


Padang Mountain site in Kampung Padang and Kampung Gunung Panggulan, Rural District Karyamukti Campaka, Cianjur, a megalithic sites punden shaped staircase, the largest in Southeast Asia. It is considering building area of approximately 900 m2, an area of the site itself is approximately 3 ha.

Building form of punden reflect megalithic tradition (mega means big and lithos meaning stone) as is common in some areas of West Java. Mountain Padang punden terraces, built with volcanic rock massive rectangular. The building consists of five terraces with different sizes. The stones have not experienced the touch of the human hand in terms of, or shaped by human hands.

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