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Agro Wisata Kaligua
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Agro Wisata Kaligua

Address : Desa Pandansari, Kecamatan Paguyangan, Kabupaten Brebes


Kaligua Agro tourism is a tea plantations tourist attraction in the highlands with a potential means of support followed by the beautiful and cool nature. Kaligua Agro tourism is located in the Pandansari Village, Paguyangan District, Brebes or about ten kilometers from Paguyangan City District. Location of these attractions can be overcome by using land transportation pantura routes through Brebes or Tegal-Bumiayu. The path from the south, visitors can travel through Purwokerto-Paguyangan.

With the natural beauty of beautiful and cool weather, visitors can enjoy number of object options, like to see the beauty of the summit of Mount Slamet, Japan Cave site, Tuk Bening, Wind Cave, and the tomb of the founder of the tea garden, Van De Jong. In addition, the tourists who want to stay here, the manager of a tourist attraction has also provided a place of lodging complete entertainment karaoke music.

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