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Kedung Kayang Waterfall
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Kedung Kayang Waterfall

Address : Boyolali, Selo, Klakah


Kedung Kayang waterfall is geographically situated between two mountains, the Mount Merapi and Mount Merbabu, precisely in the village district Klakah Boyolali Selo district. Location of kayang waterfall located on the northern Ketep Pass.

Kedung Kedung kayang is a very beautiful natural attraction. In the tourist area we can enjoy the beautiful kedung kayang waterfall that are quite heavy. There are many facilities that can be covered include tavern dining, lodging, camping. In addition for those of you who like adventure, this place is also very suitable for the chosen.
To get to the location is quite convenient, can be by private vehicle or public transportation. Muntilan – kedung kayang, salatiga – kedung kayang, or boyolali – kedung kayang - Winding road that also add to the atmosphere becomes even more beautiful.

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Hotels near in Kedung Kayang Waterfall