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Benteng Pendem
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Benteng Pendem

Address : Cilacap, Cilacap Selatan, Sidakaya


Pendem fort was the headquarters of the Dutch East Indies Army defenses built in stages in 1861-1879, Pendem Fortress Building have a configuration that is still strong, with surrounded by a moat, has 60 rooms / barracks, forts reconnaissance, weapons warehouses, tunnels, prison space, boardrooms, ammunition, firing chamber and 13 important places for a defense that is surrounded by a fence and a ditch and buried in the ground as deep as 1-3 meters.

Sightseeing is also equipped with several amenities such as: place of rest, Gazebo, Swing, Outdoor Fishing and a number of sculptures of dinosaurs. From the Pendem Fortress you can see Nusakambangan Island.

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