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Curug Cipendok Waterfall
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Curug Cipendok Waterfall

Address : Banyumas, Cilongok, Karangtengah


Cipendok waterfall is located in the village of Karang Tengah Cilingok sub district, approximately 15 km to the west of Purwokerto Town. This natural attraction has a height of 92 m, surrounded by landscapes and beautiful forest.

The origin of the name Cipendok waterfall has its own story. When the Java War ended, the Dutch colonial government commissioned Wedana Ajibarang named R. Ranusentika work to clear the forest on the slopes of this mountain. To dispel the boredom and fatigue, he went fishing beneath a waterfall. When the hook is directed to the center of information, R. Ranusentika felt tip hook pulled by a big fish, but when the tip of the hook pulled, opened it a big fish caught hook, but pendok or golden yellow sheath dagger lodged hook. Since then, the waterfall is named Curug Cipendok.

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