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Kampoeng Batik Laweyan
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Kampoeng Batik Laweyan

Address : Jalan Sidoluhur, Solo

Kampoeng Batik Laweyan is an industrial area that is unique, specific and historical. There is a market place in the village Laweyan Laweyan (now located between the Kampung Lor Pasar Mati and Kidul Pasar Mati). Kampoeng Laweyan Batik "Batik oldest village" in Indonesia which has existed since the1546M during the reigns of the kingdom, led by Sultan Pajang Hadiwijaya [Joko Tingkir].producing hand writing batik, printing batik in various forms such as fabric, blouse, shirt / shirt, abaya, scarves, bed linen, interior, gloves, linens and much more.

More than batik shopping, in Kampoeng Laweyan there are also tour packages called Ndalem  Tjokrosoemartan  which is a package which provides a tour of the private house of batik trading pioneer, Tjokosoemarto. The house is still visible with the luxurious beauty of Javanese-Dutch architecture. There are also various other activities such as: watching dance, gamelan, siteran etc. Traditional menus with a Solo’s arrangement of using stall / hut. Tour De Laweyan, roving Kampoeng Batik Laweyan using tricycles, shopping and seeing the process of making batik with a duration of approximately 3 hours with the addition of rickshaw cost of Rp 20,000, -/pax, and also Learning Package of batik-making process. 

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