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Kawasan Wana Wisata Penggaron
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Kawasan Wana Wisata Penggaron

Address : Desa Susukan, Kecamatan Ungaran, Kabupaten Semarang

Wana Wisata Penggaron region is a natural tourist spot that has many tourism facilities. This place is situated in Desa Susukan, Kecamatan Ungaran, Kabupaten Semarang, about 2 km towards the city of Ungaran or about 18 km south from Semarang. People around Semarang usually utilize this place for various activities. Ranging from sports, jungle tracking, outbound training, SAR training and Scouts, recreation, to research and other scientific interests. Besides this place is good location for bird watching spot, because this area is a bird migration path. More than that this place has a large collection of interesting species of wild life such as fiber-Green Peacock, Bido snake eagle, Kadalan Birah, Kadalan Flower and several raptor migrants. Not only is an ordinary tourism spot, Wana Wisata Penggaron a tourism spot which prioritize environment and educational aspects.

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