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Kelenteng Sam Po Kong
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Kelenteng Sam Po Kong

Address : Jalan Gedung Batu/ Simongan 129, Semarang


Sam Po Kong Temple is the former site of the landing of the first port of call of a Muslim Chinese named  Admiral Zheng He  / Cheng Ho. This place is called the Stone House, because the shape is a huge Stone Cave are situated on a rock hill. Located in Simongan area, southwest of the city of Semarang, virtually all the red shades of typical building construction in China.  For pilgrim purpose, in the cave were placed on an altar stone, and statues of Sam Po Tay Djien. On the Imlek eve and Cap Go Meh people flocked to the Stone Temple Building Shampoo Kong. They are there to pray and many others who had come to witness a variety of folk performances and puppet show from the night until early morning. There are many different culinary they offer, they are lontong cap gomeh , wedang, kacang godhog, tebu, sekoteng, and ronde. The building is beautiful and the great culinary offered especially to commemorate certain days make this place one of the places to visit in Semarang.

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