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Makam Sunan Kalijaga
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Makam Sunan Kalijaga

Address : Demak, Demak, Kadilangu


Tomb of Sunan Kalijaga located in Kadilangu, Demak, Central Java, about 1.5 km from the Great Mosque of Demak toward the southeast. Tomb of Sunan Kalijaga visited by many pilgrims especially on Friday kliwon nights. This place is also held on 10 Zulkijah Sunan Kalijaga heirloom heritage.

Sunan Kalijaga Tuban is the son of a duke named Tumenggung Wilatikta or Raden Sahur or Sayyid Ahmad ibnu Mansur (Shaykh Subakir). He was a pupil of Sunan Bonang. Sunan Kalijaga using arts and culture as a means to preach, such as leather puppet art and song mysticism. Ilir-Ilir song mysticism and Gundul-gundul Pacul generally regarded as the result of his work.

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