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Museum Sangiran
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Museum Sangiran

Address : Kabupaten Kalijambe,Sragen, Jawa Tengah, Indonesia


Sangiran Museum is the archaeological museum which is located in Kabupaten Kalijambe,Sragen, Central Java, Indonesia. The museum is adjacent to the ancient fossil site Sangiran area which is one of UNESCO World Heritage Site. Sangiran Museum and its archaeological sites, in addition to being interesting attractions is also an arena of research on the most important prehistoric life and the most comprehensive in Asia, even the world. In Sangiran museum and site can be obtained complete information about the patterns of early human life in Java, which contribute the development of human science. In this Sangiran site also, for the first time, the fossils of  Pithecantropus erectus (one species in the taxon Homo erectus) by the German archaeologist, Professor Von Koenigswald.

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