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Logending Beach
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Logending Beach

Address : Kebumen, Ayah, Ayah


Logending Beach or use to called Ayah Beach, 8 km south of Jatijajar Cave, or 53 miles out of town Kebumen, Central Java. Precisely in Ayah village, is a coastal tourist attraction that has a very enchanting natural beauty. Of the condition, which is located between the southern ocean with teak forests belong Perhutani KPH south kedu, a combination or blend of beach and forest.

Tourist beaches wide enough without hindrance towards the sea. So that the tourists can enjoy the view even better. In addition to ample beaches, tourists can also enjoy the beautiful Bodo river estuary, with cruise boats provided by the local fishermen. With traditional boats, and outboard boats, we can trace the mouth of the river which is the separation between the Bodo areas Kebumen with Cilacap. Besides the calm waters of Bodo, thick playau trees on the riverbank, and thick teak forests belong forestry, adding beautiful scenery. There are plants that grow step here is African mahogany.

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