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Umbul Sidomukti
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Umbul Sidomukti

Address : Desa Sidomukti Kecamatan Bandungan Kabupaten Semarang

Umbul Sidomukti tourism area is one of many mountain tourism objects in Semarang. Umbul Sidomukti located in Desa Sidomukti Kecamatan Bandungan Kabupaten Semarang. In this place visitors will be spoiled with a lot of interesting features and spectacular scenery. A very unique thing is multilevel swimming pool is located on the slopes of the Ungaran mountain with an altitude of 1200  above sea level, flanked on both side, visitors can choose any pool according to the desired depth. Swim overlooking the beautiful mountain scenery can be more than just refreshing experience. Besides, this places also offer other facilities such as Outbound Training, Adrenalin Games (such as flying fox with two kinds of trajectories, marine bridge, rappelling, ATV, and trekking paths) Park Nature Center, Camping Ground, Pondok Wisata, Pondok Lesehan, and Meeting Room .

Umbul Sidomukti could be classified as natural mountain tourism spot with affordable entry fee. To enter Umbul Sidomukti and try various games, visitors must pay for car park tickets 2000 IDR. Regular day admission ticket to 4,000 IDR per person and 5,000 IDR on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays. Marine Bridge for 7,000 IDR for tickets. 6,000 IDR for rappelling, and 15,000- 20,000 IDR to 3x round of the ATV. In addition to regular tickets, the manager also offers packages for groups containing a minimum of 20 people for corporate events such as trekking. Cheap enough for a complete experience of nature no wonder this place is always visited by tourists from both inside and outside of Semarang.

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