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Agrowisata Tembakau Jember
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Agrowisata Tembakau Jember

Address : Desa Ajung, Kec. Jenggawah, Jember, Jawa Timur, Indonesia Pengelola : Kantor Unit Tembakau Jember, Jember 68102 Telp: 0331-87805 (hunting) Fax.: 0331-87807 Telex. 31506 bertab ia


Jember is one of the largest tobacco producing districts in East Java. In its development, the tobacco farms are not only used as a place of cultivation of tobacco, but also used as a tourist attraction. Fertile soil and favorable climatic conditions for the cultivation of tobacco is one of the potential developments of the trade center.

The main attraction at the attraction is tobacco, curing shed, sorting and packing as well as the process of cigar making "hand made", Indopura Cigar. There is also a cigar store and a souvenir shop of Jember typical handicrafts.

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