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De' Exelco
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De' Exelco

Address : Jalan Tol Gempol - Surabaya Rest Area SIRA 25 Tol Gempol - Surabaya Km 25.


De’ Exelco is the trendsetter modern coffee shop inIndonesiaand become the most favorite venue to all people who want to enjoy a cup of coffee and more, in all its branches across the nation. Having middle up class as its target market, all of De’ Exelco outlets are made to be exclusive coffee shop with simple luxury of interior design. De’ Exelco believe that the best cup of coffee is selected coffee beans that milled and brewed in coffee maker machine in the same time. Through this process, De’ Exelco will present you a fresh, aromatic, and delicious cup of coffee. This coffee shop gives you many Indonesian original coffees like Kopi Luwak, Kolasi Toraja, Kopi Lanang Toraja, Sumatra Mandheling dan Java Estate. For international coffee choice, they haveJamaicanBlueMountain, Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, Brazilian Santos 3, Columbia Supremo,Papua New Guineao Kenya AA. Moreover, they also have various blend coffee, ice blended coffee, and for those who don’t like coffee drinks they have variant of tea-based and fruits-based beverages along with delicious meals.

De’ Exelco has 80 outlets that are spread on big cities inIndonesiaand have exclusive services in each outlet. Open in 1990, coffee and De’ Exelco become the part of its customers’ life style. 

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