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Kayangan Api
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Kayangan Api

Address : Indonesia , Jawa Timur, Bojonegoro, Ngasem, Sendangharjo


Api Kayangan is a very popular tourist attraction in Bojonegoro. Api Kayangan is the source of eternal fire that never goes out or is located in the Sendangharjo, village though Ngasem district, a village which has a forest area covering 42.29% of the village.

The fire that comes out as a perennial source of these attractions is a natural fire source, and is the largest source of fire in Southeast Asia. When visitors travel to the location of Api Kayangan, they will first pass through beautiful teak and lush green forests. Arriving at the site, there will be a gate with a range of poles that will be welcome.
In the middle of the pole is a circle of stones that emit heat waves, the place where eternal flame dwells.

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Hotels near in Kayangan Api