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Kebun Raya Purwodadi
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Kebun Raya Purwodadi

Address : Indonesia , 67163, Jawa Timur, Pasuruan, Purwodadi, Purwodadi

This garden is one of the 3 branches Botanical Indonesia (Bogor Botanical Gardens), which each have specific duties and functions. The two other branches, there are Cibodas Botanical Garden and Botanical Eka Karya Bali.

Location Botanical Gardens is located in the village of Purwodadi, District Purwodadi Pasuruan location is situated on the main road connecting the three cities, Malang, Surabaya, and Pasuruan. Distance from the city of Malang is 24 km to the north, and from the town of Pasuruan 30 km to the southwest of the city of Surabaya and 65 km to the south.
Purwodadi Botanical Garden function:
1. Conduct an inventory, exploration and conservation of plants
that have value of science and economics, rare and endemic. Especially for Indonesia lowland dry flora.
2. Provide facilities for research, education and scouting, particularly in the field of botany.
3. Provide outdoor recreation facilities.
Open daily from 07.00 am s / d 16:00 pm
Parking and admission rates:
entrance Rp.4500, -
Motorcycle parking Rp.1500, -
Car Parking Rp.2000, -
Bus parking Rp.3000, -
Roving car Rp.6500, -

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