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Monumen PETA Blitar
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Monumen PETA Blitar

Address : Jalan Sudanco Supriyadi, di wilayah Kelurahan Bendogerit, Kecamatan Sananwetan, Kota Blitar, Indonesia

PETA Monument, is a monument built to commemorate the historic events that occurred in 1945, at Blitar City is the center of the uprising against the Japanese army MAP led by Soedanco Soepriyadi.

To honor him, built a monument located in front of the former headquarters of PETA, on Jl. Soedanco Soepriyadi. Shaped monument is a statue raised his right hand, as a symbol that he never gave up to fight. The statue is seen wearing Japanese uniforms, complete with hat. This monument intended to commemorate the heroes in the fighting in order to encourage the younger generation to continue the struggle for Indonesia to be a great country.

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