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Bentar Indah Beach
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Bentar Indah Beach

Address : Indonesia , 67272, Jawa Timur, Probolinggo, Gending, Pesisir

Bentar Indah Beach is a tourist attraction located on the beach side of the road Surabaya Banyuwangi, District Gending 7 Kilometers from Probolinggo, to the east. Bentar Indah Beach is very potential to be developed as beach resort, because its is on the path of the Java-Bali overland tour.

It is situated in  the highway corner, opposite the hill. From the top of the hill, the location seems to be Bentar Indah Beach shore with very beautiful sea scenery backgroun. To the eastern mangrove forests are extended to traditional ponds for shrimp and fish. Travelers can provoke, to pay rent fishing. Future plans of traveling to the island of Gili Ketapang Probolinggo will be transferred to the Bentar Indah Beach.

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