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Pantai Papuma
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Pantai Papuma

Address : desa Lojejer, kecamatan Wuluhan, 45 Km arah selatan kota Jember


Papuma Beach is another popular beach and equally beautiful in Jember. Right on the south coast of East Java, or more precisely located in the Lojejer village, Wuluhan district, 45 kilometers south of the town of Jember, Papuma beach offers the feel of a very beautiful place to visit.

Along the coast there Papuma clean white sand and beautiful, and allows the foreign tourists who come to sunbathe on the beach. Besides its natural beauty, the beach is also rich in fauna such as Komodo, Chicken Alas, birds with a variety of species, Warthog, deer, porcupine and pangolin.
Entrance fee to enjoy the coast is only Rp 5000. So you do not have to worry about the expensive cost. Due to the amount of money you can enjoy beautiful scenery with a cluster of rocks in the middle of the ocean and white sand stretching along the coast.

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