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Ranu Grati Lake
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Ranu Grati Lake

Address : Indonesia , 67184, Jawa Timur, Pasuruan, Grati, Ranu Klindungan


Ranu Grati Lake is one of the natural attractions of Pasuruan district. With an area of 198 hectares, the Ranu Grati Lake is situated between the three villages in the Grati district, the Sumberdawesari Village, Ranuklindungan village, and the Gratitunon village. The population living around Ranu Grati approximately 18,564 inhabitants. Ranu Grati Lake is not far from the south coast road north between sections Pasuruan - Probolinggo. In Ranu Grati Lake started until now been used by local people to earn a living by fishing.

In 2000's, Pasuruan local governments began to introduce this Danu Ranu tourism type, with various activities and events held at national level, such as the event I have ever attended before the Competition Sport Water level Java-Bali. Pasuruan government hopes to introduce Tourism Lake throughout Indonesia. Heading to Ranu Grati Lake can be taken approximately 30 minutes from the town of Pasuruan and Probolinggo and 90 minutes from the tourist area of Mount Bromo.

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