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The Taman Dayu
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The Taman Dayu

Address : Jl. Raya Surabaya - Malang Km. 48 Pandaan 67156, Pasuruan. Indonesia Tel. (62) (343) 641 888 Fax. (62) (343) 631 966

Imagine a place of timeless values, where you will find a deep connection of nature and festive life is cherished by all. Stunning vistas around every corner and within nature’s bounty will easily define the easy lifestyle of the reidents. THE TAMAN DAYU is a proven commitment of Ciputra Group to the development of an independent and recreational city concept which blends the magnificent natural vistas with joy and pleasure which every family values. A rich and rewarding life, countless family activities, and  a variety of residential offerings - which easily create a legacy that you call home.

THE TAMAN DAYU is easily accesible from any major cities via toll. THE TAMAN DAYU is just one-hour drive under normal condition from Surabaya via Waru Toll. THE TAMAN DAYU is surrounded by many factories, places of interests (Taman Safari, Tretes, Trawas), as well as local and international culinaries.

Just off the entrance of THE TAMAN DAYU’s gate, you will find PANDAAN CBD - the social centerpiece of The Taman Dayu communities. It is the activity hub, a lively animation of people, both residents and guests. It is  the commercial, entertainment and business center of Pandaan and its surroundings. Residents and guests gather at Pandaan CBD surrounded by attractive assembly of international fast food chain, cafe, line of shops and thematic kiosks, food terrace, family entertainment centers, supermarket and so many more.

THE TAMAN DAYU is composed of sheer excitements and simple pleasures. The activities and amenities THE TAMAN DAYU offers define the lifestyle of the residents. Every passion catered to - A cheerful splash with your kids, a proximity to your daily conveniences, nature exploration and pursuits, outdoor activities and outbound programs, public school, one of Asia’s best golf courses,  or even - a refreshed business retreat. Anywhere else, you will find an unstoppable cheerful moments for every conceivable residents, for your personal indulgences or the whole family, even corporations.

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