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Jembatan Barelang
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Jembatan Barelang

Address : Indonesia ,Kepulauan Riau, Batam


If Jakarta has Monas, then Batampunya has Barelang Bridge. This bridge is used by the City of Batam as a symbol of the city and also the program's icon of Visit Batam 2010. The bridge was built in 1992 and completed in 1998 built based on the initiative of BJ Habibie, who that time served as State Minister for Research and Technology, and has cost more than Rp 400 billion. Therefore, by the people of Batam, this bridge is also often referred to as the Habibie Bridge.

By the people of Batam, Barelang Bridge is not only functioned to connect several islands, but also used to relax and unwind. So do not be surprised if on a weekend or a holiday, crowded atmosphere can be found on this bridge. Many people who sit back and enjoy the sea view from the bridge. In addition, this bridge also attract tourists from outside Batam because of its shape resembles a magnificent Golden Gate in San Francisco, United States of America.

Tengku Raja Haji Fisabilillah Bridge is the most famous bridge over the five other bridges because it uses a cable stayed construction. Steel cables are used as the binder bridges. The ends of the wires attached to the curb with a certain distance, and then the other end is collected at one point above the peak 200 m high concrete pillars. From a distance, the shape of this bridge will look like giant triangular nets. However, when we are getting closer, the shape of this bridge will remind visitors of the Golden Gate. Standing on this bridge, and facing toward the second bridge, visitors can see panoramic views of the ocean expanse and the small islands that surround the island.

In order to better enjoy the ride on this bridge, visitors are advised to use private vehicles. But if you do not have a personal vehicle, you can use trans Metro (public transportation Batam) with rates ranging from Rp 3,000 to Rp 5,000 or visitors can also hire a taxi to a lot of passing around the bridge. It would cost to rent a taxi is more expensive than the bus, but visitors could be more relaxing to enjoy this trip. At both ends of the first bridge there are many food stalls that provide a variety of beverages funds. So, if you feel tired visitors can take a break at these stalls.  

On weekends or holidays, along the bridge will be found many street vendors who peddle a variety of beverages and foods such as coconut ice, roasted corn and shrimp dent. In addition, there is also a retail gasoline sellers and plumbers impromptu tire. Who knew the bridge down, the visitors ran out of gas.

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