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Kiluan Bay
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Kiluan Bay

Address : Indonesia, Lampung, Tanggamus, Kelumbayan, Pekon Susuk

Kiluan Bay located in Lampung Province, famous for the number of dolphins and whales around Kiluan Gulf. The area is also famous for its natural beauty and a paradise for anglers reliable. Fishing competition is held each year in the Kiluan Gulf followed by a master-master angler throughout Indonesia. Natural Attractions Island / Gulf Kiluan in Pekon (Village) Kiluan State, District Kelumbayan, Lampung Province Tanggamus District, perfect for travelers who like adventure. The topography is hilly and interesting to explore. The journey to the Kiluan Gulf is already a challenge for travelers. Road on the West Coast of Sumatra is not very smooth so that the necessary skills in the driving of motor vehicles to pass through. Coast in the Gulf Kiluan suitable to serve as "Getaway Destination". On the beach there is a hut or house stage is quite worthy of a place to stay of the travelers.

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