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Taman Wisata Suranadi
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Taman Wisata Suranadi

Address : Kecamatan Narmada, Kabupaten Lombok Barat, Propinsi Nusa Tenggara Barat

Province have been designated as a Suranadi Park with an area of 52 Ha. Based on the Decree of the Minister of Agriculture on October 15, 1976 No. 646/Kpts/Um/10/76 Jo May 30, 1977 No date. 274/Kpts/Um/5/77, in order to improve the function of both the conservation of flora / fauna and ecosystems, in order to achieve environmental compatibility and are used as objects of recreation, education, culture, research and tourism. Inside the Park Suranadi we can find some kind of animal that although the numbers are relatively small compared to the Rinjani National Park, but still remain attractive for foreign and local tourists, among them:
Types of mammals:
The gray-monkey (Macaca fascicularis)
Black-monkey (Presbytis cristata)
Water-Weasels (Cyngale benniti)
Jelarang (Ratufa bicolor)
Types of birds (Aves):
Eagles (Falchonidae)
Honey-Bird (Nectariniidae)
Types of Reptiles:
Lizard (Varanus Salvator)
Snake (Calobridae)

The vegetation that covered the region Suranadi Park is spread evenly mixed vegetation and characterized by the growth of the high trees mixed with shrubs, bushes and grasslands, so the whole forming a closed canopy that can be divided into 3 etage: Trees with a height 25 to 30 meter located irregular and scattered like the banyan (Ficus sp.), Garu (Dysoxilum sp.), Terep (Artocarpus elastica), Suren (Toona sureni), Pecan (Aleurites meluccana) and Purut (Parartocarpus venenota). Etage Dominant: Pulai (Alstonia scholaris), Salam (Eugenia sp) Kopang (Parkiabiglobo), Durian (Durio zibertinus), Sentul (Aglaia sp) and Berora (Kleinhovia hospita). Shrub and liana species.
If you have plans to travel to this place, you dont have to worry about the facilities, the manager already provide many facilities, among others, there is a way of visitors, shelter, information center, camping, meeting room, prayer room, toilets, plazas, playgrounds, open theater, guard shack, fishing pond, and the animal cages. While there are outside areas like the restaurant, hotel, swimming pool, and a grocery shop. Please note for those of you who will visit this place, there are some provisions that have been established umu the manager for safety and comfort together. Namely, waste paper, plastic, cans, bottles, etc. must be disposed in the spaces provided. The visitors are encouraged participate preserving the integrity of the tourist area with no scribbling or sculpt trees, rocks, buildings, and all property belonging to the major tourist attractions. The visitors are expected, and its active role in conserving and its contents with no cutting of trees, pick up twigs, leaves, do not hunt, or have a good diliindungi animals, alive or dead. To enter the park area Suranadi visitors are required to buy entrance tickets
To conduct research / practice field, there should be a special permit from the office of Sub-Natural Resources Conservation Center west of West Nusa, Jln.Majapahit No address. 54 B Mataram.

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