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Rumah Pengasingan Bung Karno Flores
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Rumah Pengasingan Bung Karno Flores

Address : Indonesia , 86319, Nusa Tenggara Timur, Ende, Ende Utara, Kota Raja

Located on the Perwira Street, Village Kotaraja Northern District of Ende (Ende City). This building is the former home or place of residence and family during the Bung Karno exile/ exiled in Ende by the Dutch East Indies government in 1934-1938 are still maintained, cared for and maintained by the Government of Ende authenticity. Bung Karno sequestered since January 14, 1934 with his wife, Inggit Garnasih; his mother in-law Mrs. Amsih ;his adopted daughter Ratna Juami; and the adoptive child's teacher, Asmara Hadi. A house and breadfruit trees, the two witnesses who were at the heart of historical city of Ende still maintained until now. Among the Ende, Soekarno exile home is considered sacred. Anyone who enters the home page must ask permission from the Bung Karno to say 'excuse me'. "If you did not say excuse me, there will be any obstacle. For example if you take a picture, the picture is not visible. And behind the museum there Bung Karno’s 12meter-deep wells, is used by Bung Karno for bathing, washing and drinking and ablutions for sembayang. It is said that water these wells have properties to cure disease and stay young.

Collection of all items owned Bung Karno well preserved in this museum such as family pictures, personal photographs of Bung Karno, ceramic goods, two-headed monkeystick, pen size, rice dishes, water kettle, iron steel, tool hanger , wardrobe, iron beds, paintings and many other collectibles.
In the Site Home Bung Karno also found a place prostration / meditation room and a place of prayer / prayer is always used by Bung Karno prostrating to God Almighty to request assistance for the nation's Struggle for Independence Indonesia.

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