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Sano Nggoang Lake
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Sano Nggoang Lake

Address : Indonesia , 86757, Nusa Tenggara Timur, Manggarai Barat, Sano Nggoang


The lake Sano Nggoang is located in the village of Wae Sano, Sano Nggoang District, West Manggarai. Distance from Labuan Bajo city as the capital of West Manggarai 63 km and takes about 3 hours by private vehicle such as four-wheel or two wheels. The quality of the road to the tourist attractions of the City of Lake Sano Nggoang Labuan Bajo to the Capital District Werang as Sano Nggoang paved roads, while the rocky road to Lake Werang. However, from this month, paving the existing project to the lake so this makes it easy for tourists to travel to Sano Nggoang Lake.

Access to the lake is still relatively difficult, the only access from the city to the lake gray Bajo is a landline. Depart from Labuan Bajo trip takes about 3-4 hours. Not far away, but the state of the badly damaged road makes travel time becomes longer, now transport pathway to Lake Sano Nggoang is under construction. Entrance for tourists who want to enjoy the beauty of the lake is the village of Wae Sano Sano Nggoang, exactly Nunang hamlet. Hamlet Nunang already owned the home stay there right on the edge of the lake.
Until the T-junction towards Kampung Nunang, all tired and relieved boredom and travel will disappear instantly. From the top of the hill fork in the road leading to the Nunang, you'll be presented with the green expanse of the lake with a very beautiful forest. Nunang road leading past the edge of the lake, if this would have been not wait to get Nunang. On the outskirts of the lake you will be very easy to look into the lake, saw hordes of ducks forest every day bathing in the lake. Forests are a very natural way to add comfort, no noise or brokers that would interfere with your travel in this tourist destination.
The beauty of Sano Nggoang Lake is more enjoyable to perform tracking towards the hilltops that surround the lake. Short track that used to be the tourist destination is domestic or foreign public Golo Nunang god Peak or Peak used to call Savana. From there you will see Lake Sano Ngooang with the hamlets in the beautiful surroundings. The trip also will be enjoyed for through the woods mbeliling. Other tracks are more challenging is the culmination poco dedeng, journey to the summit is over steep hills and dense forests. From the top to enjoy the beauty of Manggarai district, west Manggarai, even Labuan Bajo city can be seen if the weather is nice.

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