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Bank Riau Cabang Syariah Pekanbaru

  • 20 Hotels near in Bank Riau Cabang Syariah Pekanbaru

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Flights To Pekanbaru, Indonesia (PKU)

Bank Riau Cabang Syariah Pekanbaru

Address : Jl. Jend. Sudirman No. 628 Pekanbaru


Bank Riau is Provincial Government of Riau and Riau Islands bank-owned enterprises which is headquartered in Pekanbaru, Riau, Indonesia. With a new spirit, Riau Bank will become a partner to encourage the growth of community pride bank area as Riau and Riau Islands. Bank shareholders mandate that mandated by Riau crystallized in the Vision and Mission of the Company, primarily as a driver of regional economic growth, making the strategic role of paramount importance in Riau Bank. Revitalization process was carried out in order to encourage the achievement of the mission and role of the bank as intermediary institutions in addition to the functions of public service. Distribution network development process, recombination of the composition of deposits, expansion of derivative products and services and the role of advanced information technology as the backbone of business Bank Riau continues to be a concern.

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Hotels near in Bank Riau Cabang Syariah Pekanbaru