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Kolam Air Soda
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Kolam Air Soda

Address : Parbubu, Tarutung, Tapanuli Utara


Soda water. So far, we know the water is familiar as a result of carbonation for beverages. However, have you ever heard of swimming or bathing 'soda water'?

Hearing his name, intriguing. Imagining soda water which has been taken used for bathing. In the pool anyway. Would require thousands and thousands of liters of soda water to meet the pond.

However, the 'pool soda was really there. This unique pool is located at the foot of Mount Parbubu in North Sumatra. The pool was nicknamed 'Aek Rara'.

The water in this pool is not a man-made sodas. However, purely out of the source at the foot of Mount Parbubu I, in Tarutung, North Tapanuli. It has a scent and bubbly like soda. Still, it feels fresh and not sticky on the skin.

The water was rising up from the bottom. Berhambur air bubbles from the source. Spread to all corners of the pool. If we  ourselves into the pool, then the bubbles immediately surround us. In the whole body.

In this world, it seems there are only two water ponds like soda. The first occurred in the Americas, specifically in Venezuela, and the other is on the ground Tarutung, Tapanuli.

The air is cool and beautiful panorama hills, making this pool as a favorite tourist spot citizen. Visitor, did not charge a penny to enjoy a swim in the 'soda water' is. However, visitors are required to wear swimming goggles so that no irritation to the eyes.

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