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Museum Bala Putra Dewa
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Museum Bala Putra Dewa

Address : Jl. Srijaya Negara I No. 288, Indonesia, Sumatera Selatan, Palembang, Sukarami, Sukarami

Balaputradewa Museum is located at Jl.. Srijaya Negara I No. 288, Palembang. Although the museum is not located on major roads (approximately 400 meters from the protocol), but the directions to the museum is quite clear. This museum occupies a building with the traditional architecture of Palembang, and is in a complex area of 23.565 square meters. The museum was founded in 1978 and is under the management of the Ministry of National Education. Balaputradewa name is taken from the name of the most famous king in the kingdom of Srivijaya.

Balaputradewa Museum Collection consists of inscriptions the kingdom of Srivijaya, the objects of the kingdom of Palembang, the history of the war for independence in South Sumatra, and cultural goods in South Sumatra. From the collection displayed in this museum, we can see that from museum collections, we can see that the kingdom of Srivijaya was once a leading center of Buddhist religion in the world of his time. So many stone statues depicting Buddha are found in South Sumatra province, which later became part of the museum collection. On the back of the museum houses a replica of the pyramid there, but we can not enter into it. In addition to the museum there is a collection of sculptures found in various sites of suspected sites Srivijaya kingdom. One of the statues that interest is a statue of the elephant ride, which is the megalithic era relic in Palembang. Society considers this statue is part of the legend of the bitter tongue, in which anyone who was cursed by him will turn into stone.

Photo Gallery Museum Bala Putra Dewa

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