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Soekarno Hatta International Airport, Ngurah Rai International Airport, Juanda International Airport

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Review of Merpati Air

Service7.2 / 10


Punctuality6.5 / 10


Comfortness7.0 / 10


Price7.4 / 10


Cleanliness7.2 / 10


Total Score of Merpati Air
From 616 review(s)
7.0 / 10

Service7.2 / 10


Punctuality6.6 / 10


Comfortness7.0 / 10


Price7.3 / 10


Cleanliness7.2 / 10


Total Score of Merpati Air
From 391 review(s)
7.1 / 10

Service7.1 / 10


Punctuality6.0 / 10


Comfortness6.9 / 10


Price7.3 / 10


Cleanliness7.0 / 10


Total Score of Merpati Air
From 53 review(s)
6.8 / 10

Service7.3 / 10


Punctuality6.3 / 10


Comfortness7.0 / 10


Price7.7 / 10


Cleanliness7.1 / 10


Total Score of Merpati Air
From 82 review(s)
7.1 / 10

Service7.1 / 10


Punctuality6.4 / 10


Comfortness7.0 / 10


Price7.2 / 10


Cleanliness7.1 / 10


Total Score of Merpati Air
From 73 review(s)
7.0 / 10

Service7.5 / 10


Punctuality7.6 / 10


Comfortness7.6 / 10


Price7.8 / 10


Cleanliness7.9 / 10


Total Score of Merpati Air
From 17 review(s)
7.7 / 10

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Customer Reviews of Merpati Air at

"Tidak ada bacaan/majalah yang memadai untuk dibaca selain majalah "Parlementaria" yang sama sekali tidak menarik, kadaluarsa, terlalu tipis dan tidak ada korelasinya dengan traveling. Snack ..."

"Kebersihan pesawat merpati cukup terjaga, kami pun merasa nyaman dengan maskapai ini. semoga tetap bisa dipertahankan"

"Saya merasa sangat nyaman terbang dengan merpat,dan dengan pelayanannya merpati walaupun hanya diberikan sebungkus roti dan sebotol air mineral. Cukup puas untuk mengganjal perjalanan yang satu jam in ..."

"Sangat nyaman pake merpati, tp jamnya suka molor2 dikit. Lumayan lah, dgn harga terjangkau dpt roti + air minum gelas. Drpd yg lain.... hehehehe"

About Merpati Air

Merpati Nusantara Airlines or known by the name of Merpati Nusantara, hereinafter known as the Merpati flight code MZ is one of the national domestic airline companies in Indonesia.

The airline entered judgment category 1 (very good performance) from the Ministry of Transportation. In 2004, Merpati Airlines Management began to implement a computerized system for efficient ERP-SAP back office administration. Merpati formed later Commuter Services (MCS) to enhance business opportunities with local government. In the same year Merpati expand sales distribution channels by opening outlets in Bogor and Depok for customer convenience. In this year's presidential and start flying in 2009, Merpati relaunched the online service system.

This year Merpati implement HR performance through integrated programs or PMS Performance Management System, as well as the launch of Merpati Pilot School (MPS) for the printing needs of Merpati pilots.

Merpati Nusantara has 29 aircraft that are ready to serve passengers, 23 aircraft in storage, as well as 40 aircraft on order.

Here are the types of aircraft owned Merpati Nusantara:

1 Boeing 737-200 Advanced, 1 on storage

3 Boeing 737-300, 3 on storage

2 Boeing 737-400, 2 on storage

1 Boeing 737-500

7 Bombardier / de Havilland DHC-6 Twin Otter, 1 on storage

40 CAIC ARJ21 on order

12 CAIC MA60, 2 on storage

1 Fokker 100, 2 on storage

2 Indonesian Aerospace 212, 3 on storage

Information of Merpati Air

You can book flight ticket with us in a short, simple, and secure way. You will receive the E-Ticket directly in your email.

  • Cabin Baggage

    Cabin Baggage (5) KG

  • Check-In Baggage

    Check-In Baggage (20) KG

  • Check-In Closed

    Check-In Closed (30) Minutes

Class Type

Business Class:  business class provides a very convenient way comfortable seating, television and during the trip you will get food and drinks or snacks provided by the waiter or flight attendant for free. You can also shop on the plane that offers some souvenirs or unique items for souvenirs.

Economy Class: For economy class provide services is not different from other economy class, only in this class are not accompanied television in the plane. During a trip economy class is just getting snacks and drinks or a snack provided by the waiter or flight attendant for free. Crews also offer some souvenirs or unique items for souvenirs.

Premium class: over high standard full service flight.

Rules of Merpati Air

- For safety reasons dangerous goods such as gas / objects flammable / toxic / rust / acid / base / and batteries wet / bacteria / virus / who caused the explosion / fire equipment / beacon / radioactive / materials containing oxidizing or other dangerous items are prohibited from carry in the trunk.

- Officers checked baggage carriers the right to refuse if it can be damaged due to improper packing and luggage unlocked. The carrier is not responsible if there is a discrepancy in the flight schedule when using other airlines.

Baggage Allowance of Merpati Air

Passengers are allowed to carry only one bag / suitcase with a maximum size of 56cm x 36cm x 23cm (dimensions include wheels, handles, side pockets). In addition you can carry small items such as handbags or laptop. Please note that in accordance with the policy of luggage, the total weight of all hand luggage cabins should be 7 kilograms maximum.

Each passenger is given baggage (checked baggage) for free as:

Business Class (C): 30 Kg

Premium Class (I): 25 kg.

Economy class: 20 kg.

On the flight I Propeller (50 seaters aircraft): 15 kg.

In flight Propeller II (20 seaters aircraft): 10 kg.

Excess baggage will be charged the applicable rate if it exceeds the predetermined limit.

Check-In Policies of Merpati Air

Check-in counter is opened 1.5 - 2 hours before flight departure, you are expected to check in at least 1 hour prior to flight departure. Check-in was closed 30 minutes prior to flight departure.

You are only allowed to bring 1 luggage into the cabin of the aircraft, with size (P XT 23cm 56cm XL 36cm) and a maximum weight of 5kg. Violation of this rule will have the potential to travel inconvenience you and other passengers. Our officers are not entitled to dispatch your baggage excess baggage if not paid on the spot.

You have to be in waiting room at least 30 minutes prior to flight departure. If till last call from the clerk you do not do boarding, we will close the door of the plane and you'll miss the flight.