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My Order 3.0

Jakarta , 10 Desember 2019

A customer-centric innovation is executed through effective collaboration. Introducing My Order 3.0, our technological breakthrough to enhance our customer purchase experience. In order to optimize our user experience, our product team consisting of Meidirasari Putri, Jessica Yasmine Muhammad Raufan designed ”My Order 3.0” for our website and apps.

“We were determined to improve our users’ purchase journey. The implementation of ”My Order 3.0” was a long and bumpy road. In order to overcome that, we have to share ideas, trust each other and allow everyone to take responsibility for their own role. Because collaboration is much easier in an environment where there is trust and good communication.” – Meidirasari Putri, UX Researcher Lead.

My order 3.0 was an effective initiative to strengthen our commitment to continuously simplifying travel. Get the full experience about the project journey by accessing the link below: