Sydney SEA LIFE Aquarium Penguin Passport
Sydney SEA LIFE Aquarium Penguin Passport
Sydney SEA LIFE Aquarium Penguin Passport
Sydney SEA LIFE Aquarium Penguin Passport
Sydney SEA LIFE Aquarium Penguin Passport

Sydney SEA LIFE Aquarium Penguin Passport

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Tiket Sydney SEA LIFE Aquarium Penguin Passport

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This passport isn't for a flight; it's a ticket to a once-in-a-lifetime encounter with the resident penguin colony of SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium! Bundle up in some warm winter gear and head to a sub-Antarctic environment to meet this marvelous flightless birds, and enjoy a75 minute tour that allows you to discover amazing facts about them. In the Aquarium's icy environment specially created for them, you'll see majestic King penguins, cheeky Gentoo penguins, and watch them interact, waddling and sliding along the ice, and diving into their own pool. Through a variety of enrichment activities, you will discover their native environment, how their colonies work, what they eat, and more. You'll also get photo opportunities, and capture some priceless memories with these charming birds. There's also a behind-the-scenes experience where you'll be able to watch the dedicated staff of the aquarium preparing the penguin food, and how they manage the environment that the colony currently lives in. It's a delightful learning experience that introduces you to these birds!
Highlights : - Get to take part in a once-in-a-lifetime encounter with SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium's sub-Antarctic penguin colony! - Enjoy the exclusive 75 minute tour onto an icy wonderland and meet the King and Gentoo penguins playing in the ice - Take some snapshots of the birds with your camera, and see how they interact as a colony - Glimpse behind the scenes to see how their environment is managed and see the penguin food preparation area
# Additional Information: - Children aged 0-13 are not permitted to join this activity - Children aged 14-18 will require their own ticket, and must be accompanied by an adult (also a ticket holder) - Participants are required to not have any contact with other birds for 24 hours prior to visit - Participants also must not have gastro/flu/cold/respiratory symptoms within the last 48 hours prior to the tour - Participant must be physically fit and able to walk up and down stairs and around the icy terrain; they must not have any open cut or wounds, or pre-existing knee, pelvic or back injuries - Any valuable items such as jewellery, cameras and mobile phones are not permitted into the enclosure - Participants must wear all safety clothing provided by the aquarium - Participants must be able to understand and speak English as translators will not be provided - Please be advised that the experience may be **cancelled** at short notice due to husbandry requirements. In this case, customer can reschedule the booking or request a full refund - Participants must bring their own socks, and cannot be wearing a dress or skirt during the tour - Participants must follow the instructions of Penguin Trainers **at all times** - The experience will be **terminated** at any point if instructions are not followed. In this case, no refund can be claimed