VR Arcade (inside L7 Lotte Hotel) Ticket in Hongdae
VR Arcade (inside L7 Lotte Hotel) Ticket in Hongdae
VR Arcade (inside L7 Lotte Hotel) Ticket in Hongdae
VR Arcade (inside L7 Lotte Hotel) Ticket in Hongdae
VR Arcade (inside L7 Lotte Hotel) Ticket in Hongdae

VR Arcade (inside L7 Lotte Hotel) Ticket in Hongdae

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Tiket VR Arcade (inside L7 Lotte Hotel) Ticket in Hongdae

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Experience the thrilling wold of virtual reality like no other in Seoul’s trendy and modern district, Hongdae. Let reality and fantasy come together in this popular VR arcade and play as many games as you want for four hours! Choose from the best and latest VR games equipped with nine exciting themed games for your gaming pleasure. Take on adventures and witness dinosaurs before extinction, fly through space in jets, shoot and aim at bad guys and pesky zombies, race to the finish line against friends or other players, and feel yourself physically moving in sync with the scenes playing behind your eyes! Restore lost energy and grab a bite or two of Korean delicacies in the arcade's cafe.
Highlights : - Experience the thrilling world of virtual reality (VR) in one of the most popular indoor VR arcades in Korea - Choose from the latest VR games that boasts of exciting themes and state of the art technology - Set a game plan and play like never before with new headsets and controllers provided - De-stress and play as many VR games as you want for four solid hours
# Additional Information: - Participants must be aged 7+ - VR arcade staff speak basic English and game instructions are available in English - The package's experience duration is 4 hours (calculated from successful ticketing) - Playing VR games for a long time may cause vertigo. If you are experiencing symptoms such as dizziness or vomiting, please stop immediately - Some games may have restrictions on age, height, and other health issues. Please follow the instructions of the staff on site - In order to enjoy VR games better, please wear long trousers on the day you plan to visit. You may be restricted from playing some games due to wearing shorts or skirts - Before using the game equipment and VR machine, please make sure to check your surroundings and tidy up to avoid tripping on objects around you - To ensure the safety of the game experience, some attractions will have restrictions on use. Please use the game equipment according to the direction of the arcade staff - Some coin-operated facilities require an extra fee - Food and drinks are not allowed inside the VR arcade - In order to provide guests with adequate space within the arcade, the venue may temporarily limit the number of visitors. In this case, please consult the staff at the site regarding instructions - For safety reasons, pregnant and drunk guests are banned from admission