Green Bamboo Bali Spa
Green Bamboo Bali Spa
Green Bamboo Bali Spa
Green Bamboo Bali Spa
Green Bamboo Bali Spa
Green Bamboo Bali Spa
Green Bamboo Bali Spa

Green Bamboo Bali Spa

Jl. Kerta Dalem Bahagia No. 2, Sidakarya, Denpasar Selatan
Pendingin Ruangan
Bathtub atau Jacuzzi
Ruangan Khusus Pasangan
Wifi Gratis
Ruangan Pribadi
Kamar Mandi
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IDR 99.000

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Green Bamboo Bali Salon & Spa A place where we can relax, the body and the mind becomes fresh, energetic and powerful back and generate a joyous mood. The spa itself is a series of treatments consisting of therapeutic body massage, body scrub / body scrub, whitening mask, music therapy, aromatherapy, milk bath / shower aromatherapy and snacks such as cookies and drinking ginger tea warm or hot. The spa process takes approximately one and a half to two hours. Complementary spa, also provided a hair spa treatment (creambath plus), Menicure pedicure, facials, slimming, firming breast, and other hair straightening.

Spa benefits include smoothing, toning, whiten and nourish the skin, relax muscle tension, detoxify the body to boost the immune system, relieve anxiety, anger and depression, prevent allergies, signs of diabetes. Furthermore, migraine and asthma, high blood pressure and hypertension, reduce insomnia, stress and fatigue, restore the natural balance of the body, the pursuit of happiness, confidence and creativity as well as slow the aging process.

Armed with our knowledge and experience regarding spa customer needs, we work together to work together for the good and the success together. Especially for the market in Bali is unremitting, until now Bali is still a destination that is able to attract many tourists both local and international.