Tri Hita Spa
Tri Hita Spa
Tri Hita Spa
Tri Hita Spa
Tri Hita Spa
Tri Hita Spa
Tri Hita Spa

Tri Hita Spa

Jl. Raya Celuk No.10, Batubulan, Sukawati, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80582
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IDR 279.400

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Since its inception 2013, Tri Hita has always excelled in exceeding the expectation of an ever growing number of spa-goers. The secret lies in its core beliefs, which are embedded in its very name – Tri Hita. Derived from the Balinese culture and values, \"Tri\" means \"three\" and \"Hita\" means \"well-being\". What does this mean? This simply means that there are 3 reasons for complete well-being, or harmony in life. They are well-being with God, with our environment and with one another. This principle of \"Tri Hita\" embodies every aspect of life on the island of Bali, because it leads to peaceful and happy harmony for mankind, the environment and the Creator.
In Tri Hita Spa, we believe that we could help creating harmony and well-being in aspect of greater harmony, namely you. . Your mind, souland energy are being utilized more strenuously in this fast-paced life. You need to rejuvenate these elementsto be balanced in life. All the 15 skillful massage therapists at Tri Hita Spa take pride in making sure your body and energy are fully recharged so you will feel rejuvenated after each session of the spa package you choose.