The Maestro Function Hall - Plaza Indonesia Level 4, Jakarta
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Kamis, 12 Februari 2015 
The Maestro Function Hall - Plaza Indonesia Level 4, Jakarta

This initial event is planned to be part of Indonesian Digital Association (IDA)’s flagship monthly event where all stakeholders in digital marketing industry could meet, share their experience, ideas, and trend forecast to stay at the forefront of industry development. This is particularly important amidst the high dynamics of the market in Indonesia and our mutual aim to grow the ecosystem strongly. The target audience would include publishers, brand owners, agencies, and marketers.

Digital advertising landscape has been changing rapidly in the past couple of years. New trends continue to emerge every month and the rate of advancement is keep accelerating. In 2014, we have witnessed the rise of content marketing through native advertising. Mobile and online video was also continuing their encouraging growth as technology adoption become more prevalent and infrastructure continue to improve. Other trend such as data mining, personalization, and programmatic transaction have also emerged, as everyone wants to stay relevant in the market. Though most global trend would eventually trickle down to Indonesia, the rates of adoption are varied and often they morph to match our local circumstances.   

As we are still in the dawn of 2015, we would like All Speakers to share their experience in 2014, what they have learned from it and what sort of trend that they expect to rise or continue to emerge this year.  We also encourage the speakers to emphasize more on local insights and perspective, so that their sharing would be more relevant for all audience.