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JR Pass: Your Key to Japan's Unlimited Exploration

Explore the beauty and culture of Japan with JR Pass. Enjoy limitless train journeys.

Explore Japan with JR Pass

Explore Japan with JR Pass

Discover More About JR Pass

Are you planning a vacation to Japan and looking to explore various cities with ease? The JR Pass is the perfect solution for you! JR Pass, short for Japan Rail Pass, is a train ticket that grants unlimited access to various transportation services operated by the Japan Railways Group throughout Japan.

JR Pass is specifically designed for foreign tourists visiting Japan. With the JR Pass, holders can enjoy train travel across the entire Japan Railways (JR) Group network, including Shinkansen (bullet trains) and local trains. This ticket is available in 7, 14, or 21-day durations and must be purchased before arriving in Japan, as it is not sold within the country.


Upon arriving in Japan, JR Pass holders need to exchange their Exchange Order for a physical ticket at JR stations before they can use it. You also need to request the activation of the ticket. The JR Pass offers the advantage of saving on train travel costs, especially if you plan to explore various cities or islands in Japan.


While it covers many train services, it's important to note that some exclusive trains like the Nozomi Shinkansen are not covered by the JR Pass. However, since the JR Pass covers almost all public transportation in Japan, you still benefit. With the JR Pass, you can travel comfortably and economically to various exciting destinations throughout Japan.


Why Choose JR Pass?

JR Pass offers numerous benefits for travelers looking to explore Japan by train. Here are some reasons why you should choose JR Pass:

  • Unlimited Access: With JR Pass, you can travel without limits using trains across the entire Japan Railways Group network. You can ride various types of trains, including Shinkansen (bullet trains), local trains, and express trains.

  • Cost Savings: JR Pass can save you transportation costs in Japan. If you plan to travel between cities or want to explore many places in Japan, JR Pass provides better value compared to purchasing individual train tickets.

  • Flexibility: JR Pass comes in 7, 14, and 21-day validity options. You can choose the validity period that suits your travel plans. Additionally, you can opt for either the regular class or Green Car (executive class) JR Pass.

  • Easy to Use: JR Pass is very user-friendly. Upon arriving in Japan, you simply need to exchange the Exchange Order you received for a JR Pass at the JR Ticket Office. With the JR Pass in hand, you can hop on trains directly without paying extra.

Types of JR Pass

JR Pass is available in several types that can be tailored to your travel needs in Japan. Here are some popular types of JR Pass:

  • All Japan JR Pass

The All Japan JR Pass is the perfect choice if you want to explore various cities across Japan. This pass provides unlimited access to the Japan Railways Group train network throughout the country. You can choose from 7, 14, or 21-day validity options, depending on the length of your trip. The All Japan JR Pass is also available in two class options: regular class and Green Car.

  • Regional JR Pass

The Regional JR Pass is a suitable option if you want to focus on exploring a specific region in Japan, such as Kansai, Hokkaido, or Kyushu. This pass provides unlimited access to train networks in a specific region for a designated validity period. The Regional JR Pass also comes in two class options: regular class and Green Car.

  • Tokyo Wide JR Pass

The Tokyo Wide JR Pass is the right choice if you want to explore the areas around Tokyo, including Gunma, Tochigi, Ibaraki, Saitama, Chiba, and Kanagawa. This pass grants unlimited access to the train network in that area for a specified validity period. The Tokyo Wide JR Pass is also available in two class options: regular class and Green Car.


How to Get JR Pass

To obtain the JR Pass, you need to follow these steps:

  • Order JR Pass: Order the JR Pass through the official website or authorized travel agencies. You can book the JR Pass online on sites like Be sure to choose the type of JR Pass that suits your travel needs.

  • Exchange Order Redemption: After ordering the JR Pass, you will receive an Exchange Order in the form of an electronic or physical voucher. This Exchange Order needs to be exchanged for the JR Pass upon arriving in Japan. You can also choose to have the Exchange Order delivered to your address in Indonesia via mail.

  • Exchange Order for JR Pass: Upon arriving in Japan, go to the JR Ticket Office at train stations and exchange the Exchange Order for the JR Pass. You need to bring the Exchange Order, your passport, and fill out the provided exchange form. Once the exchange process is complete, you will receive the JR Pass that you can use during the specified validity period.


JR Pass Prices and Usage Period

The price of the JR Pass varies depending on the type of JR Pass you choose and the duration of its validity. Here are estimated prices for the All Japan JR Pass (regular class):


7 Days

Starting from Rp3.125.571

14 Days

Starting from Rp4.983.397

21 Days

Starting from Rp6.378.267


*JR Pass prices are subject to change. Make sure to check the latest prices before purchasing JR Pass.

JR Pass is available for validity periods of 7, 14, or 21 days, depending on the chosen type. You can use the JR Pass starting from the activation date until the end of the validity period. Be sure to activate the JR Pass on the date that aligns with your travel plans.

Efficient Use of JR Pass Tips

Here are some tips for efficiently using the JR Pass:

  • Plan Your Trip Well: Create a comprehensive travel plan before using the JR Pass. Check train schedules, travel times, and places you want to visit. With good planning, you can optimize the use of the JR Pass and avoid wasting time.

  • Reserve Seats: If you want to sit in comfortable and guaranteed seats, it's advisable to reserve seats before boarding the train. Some trains have cars with seats that can be reserved in advance. You can do this at the Travel Service Center at train stations.

  • Utilize Other Benefits: JR Pass also offers other benefits, such as discounts for some tourist attractions and restaurants. Be sure to take advantage of all the benefits offered by JR Pass.

  • Keep JR Pass Safe: The JR Pass is an important ticket that you should take good care of. Avoid losing or damaging your JR Pass. If you lose your JR Pass, you won't be able to replace it and will lose all the benefits offered by the JR Pass.


JR Pass: The Best Solution for a Vacation in Japan!

JR Pass is the best solution for a vacation in Japan. With unlimited access to various transportation services, JR Pass makes it easy for you to explore various exciting cities in Japan. Get your JR Pass now and enjoy an unforgettable vacation in the Land of the Rising Sun!