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You can find city center apartments and unique places with breathtaking views. We have them all!

Why Rent Accommodation at’s Villas & Apartments? provides complete accommodations choices. There are 50 property types that you can choose from according to your needs and location. You can also rent daily, weekly, and monthly Villas & Apartments. offers a wide selection of domestic and international Villas & Apartments.

t-mates can rent accommodations anywhere and anytime. Don’t worry about the price, because has the Lowest Price Guarantee so you can go on holiday without breaking your wallet! Not only offering cheap rental prices, but you also get to enjoy many other benefits if you rent Villas & Apartments on Take a sneak peek, and let's go!


  1. Lots of Promo Available on

Looking for promos for villa & apartment rentals? There is a promo 50%+20% discount until November 1, 2023! Wait for's flash sale hours during the OTW (online tiket week) promo period which makes apartment rental prices cheaper. You can also find the nearest villa from your destination with a big promo. So, what are you waiting for? Check the promo code before it runs out so your staycation at villa or apartment becomes more efficient and enjoyable!


  1. Easy, Safe, and Fast Payment offers various payment options for our users’ convenience! What are the payment methods available on You can use BCA, Mandiri, BNI, and BRI’s credit cards, ATM transfers, and mobile banking. If you prefer using an e-wallet, OVO, GoPay, ShopeePay, Sakuku, and LinkAja are also available as payment options. also offers tiket PayLater by Indodana, so you can rent Villas & Apartments in installments without a credit card. You can choose 3, 6, or 12 monthly installments. Paying with PayLater is very easy. All you have to do is choose tiket PayLater by Indodana as your preferred payment method and choose the installment plan that suits your needs. 


  1. Various Nearby Accommodation Choices

There are more than 2,200,000 accommodations that you can find on With this large number, of course, it includes various Villas & Apartments and other accommodations you can rent on From the nearby inn, cheap lodgings, staycation destinations, glamping at Ciwidey, Puncak villa, nearby villa, cottage, cabin, and many others.


  1. Villas & Apartments with Complete Facilities 

It is important to find nearby accommodation from tourist attractions or fit your budget. Well, t-mates can also find a wide selection of Villas & Apartments with complete facilities on! For example, apartments with private pools, luxury glamping, daily apartment rentals, 3-room apart-hotels, Bogor villas, cabins, bathtub facilities, bed and breakfast, and other facilities according to your needs. 


  1.'s  24/7 Call Center

Have any questions about renting accommodations or Villas & Apartments? Call Center is ready to serve you 24/7! customer care is happy to answer all of your questions. For example, the latest promos, how to pay on, or any questions related to rental accommodation, Villas & Apartments. 

If you have any problems or questions related to accommodation, monthly, or apartment rentals on, you can contact Call Center at 0804 1500 878 or via WhatsApp at +62858 1150 0888. Aside from that, you can also send your questions via email to

Accommodations Near Your Preferred Location

Going on a vacation is not complete without visiting the nearby tourist attractions. For easier access, t-mates can find the nearest accommodation to tourist attractions in your destination city. For example Accommodation near Malioboro, Villa near Taman Safari, Villa near the beach in Bali.

On, you can choose various accommodation options nearest to tourist attractions. After renting the nearest accommodation to tourist attractions, you can plan a perfect vacation by booking attraction tickets through the application! Don't forget to use various promos and discounts to save more on your vacation!


Accommodations Near The Airport

Flights sometimes have quite a long transit time. You can look for nearby accommodation if you prefer to rest during transit time and don't want to visit any tourist attractions. For example, rent an apartment near Soekarno Hatta Airport, accommodation near Makassar airport, or the nearest accommodation from the transit airport location.

Accommodations near Soekarno Hatta Airport


Accommodations near Ngurah Rai Airport


Accommodations near Juanda Surabaya Airport

Recommended Locations for Villas & Apartments

Popular Villas & Apartments’ Types and Facilities on

Renting villas and apartments with a swimming pool is more suitable for t-mates who are going on a staycation with friends or family. Stay in a villa for a honeymoon with complete facilities such as a private pool and a Balinese floating breakfast. Do you want to try the sensation of staying in a luxury tent? You can try to go glamping. Not only that, there are 50 property types that you can choose from with the various facilities and prices on Check out the types, facilities, and rental prices of Villas & Apartments below!

  1. Villa 

A villa is an accommodation that offers a whole house for rent with additional facilities. The main facilities are the bedrooms, bathrooms, living room, and kitchen. You can also find villas with additional facilities, such as swimming pools, jacuzzis, bathtubs, children's playgrounds, parks, recreation, and even outbound.


This property type is usually located in areas with cold weather, suburbs, mountains, or beaches. Villa is a suitable choice for a staycation, healing, or team bonding. The most popular villas are Puncak villas, Bandung villas, villa Bali, and villas nearby the tourist attractions. You can also find other types of villas, such as:

  • Cheap villas in Puncak under 1 million with a swimming pool

  • Cheap Pacet villas with a swimming pool

  • Villa in Guci with a swimming pool

  • Villa Bandung private pool

  • Villa Batu Malang private pool

  • Villa in Sentul Bogor with a private pool

  • Villa Tawangmangu private pool

  • Villa at Puncak for 2 people

  • Low-cost villas in Bogor for groups

  • Villa in Sentul for families

  • Villa Bandung with a private pool

  1. Apartment

Looking for a long-term place to stay or daily accommodation for a staycation? An apartment could be the best choice for you! You can rent an apartment on a monthly, weekly or daily basis on This living unit does not only provide rooms and furniture. 


Apartments are usually equipped with various facilities, such as a swimming pool, gym and fitness center, restaurant, etc. also offers many apartment types with complete facilities. There are studio apartments, 2-bedroom apartments, to 3-bedroom apartments. Discover the nearest apartment to your location easily on, such as Green Pramuka Apartment, Bassura Apartment, Apartemen Sudirman Park, Apartemen di Surabaya, etc.


  1. Glamping 

Glamping is an accommodation that offers semi-permanent tents to stay in the open air. Glamping provides modern tents and facilities, such as beds and other equipment. Some luxury glamping tents also have private bathrooms, kitchens, and living rooms! Isn't it interesting? Here are some luxury glamping recommendations for your reference, Bali Beach Glamping, Ciwidey glamping. glamping Bogor, The Lodge Maribaya, and many others on!

Rent Apartments on

Aside from villas, apartments can be an alternative for short gateway. Some apartments also provide complete facilities with swimming pools and kitchens. Want to rent an apartment easily? Just go to! You can rent an apartment daily, weekly, or even monthly. also offers complete apartment options. You can choose the nearest apartment, apartments with affordable rent, or rent an apartment in your destination city. For example, apartments in Bandung, Surabaya apartments, Jogja apartments, Medan apartments, and others. Discover popular apartment recommendations below!


Apartments in the SCBD area


Apartments in BSD


Apartments in Bandung


Apartments in Jakarta

Villas & Apartments Accommodation Tips & Recommendations for Staycation

Before going on a staycation, check out some tips for choosing Villas & Apartments. You can find the closest accommodation to tourist attractions for a staycation, apartments near business centers, or other property types that suit your needs easily with the filter feature on You can use the filter to find suitable accommodation according to your budget, the number of rooms, and the total number of people. 


Check out these recommended places for a staycation in your destination area.

Recommended Places for a Staycation in Jakarta


Recommended Places for a Staycation in Bandung


Recommended Places for a Staycation in Bogor


We suggest you always check the facilities offered in the accommodation, such as a swimming pool, private pool, kitchen and equipment, bathtub, jacuzzi, BBQ equipment, and many others. You can also check romantic decoration packages when renting a villa for your honeymoon.


Have you secured your choice of staycation place? Now, it's time to prepare your travel activities! Determine the tourist attractions you will visit and buy entrance tickets on For example, Ancol entrance gate ticket, Safari Park entrance ticket, Borobudur entrance ticket, Dufan entrance ticket, and other tourist attractions entrance tickets.


Now, since you have chosen the itinerary and accommodation, it is time to decide on the transportation for your staycation plan. You can book plane tickets, book train tickets, or rent a car at the nearest car rental in your destination. Isn't it easy?

Recommended Budget Accommodations For You

For t-mates who want to stay on budget, you don’t have to worry. has a variety of accommodation options that you can book! There are various budget accommodation options that you can book at discounted prices with promos and discounts. 


From the nearest budget accommodation in the destination city, budget apartments to cheap villas for a staycation. For example, cheap accommodation in Semarang, low-cost accommodation in Jogja, cheap apartments in Jakarta, cheap accommodation in Bandung, or cheap accommodation in Malang. 


Are you looking for cheap villa recommendations that are suitable for your holiday? Check out these lists!


Also find other accommodations that available on


Enjoy a vacation without breaking your wallet with cheap accommodation rentals on! So, which accommodation do you choose? 

Villas, Apartments, Glamping for Great Vacation

How to Book Villas & Apartments with Promo at

Make your vacations more enjoyable and cost-effective by renting accommodation at Do you already have a villa & apartment in mind? Or do you want to book the nearest accommodation immediately? Follow the steps below to book villas & apartments. 

  1. Open app and login to your account. 

  2. Select the "Villas & Apt." menu on’s homepage.

  3. Type the accommodation name or destination, the check-in and check-out dates, and the number of guests. 

  4. Click the "Let's Search" button to find accommodation options. You will find many recommendations based on your search. 

  5. Select your preferred accommodation, room, and room type. Then, proceed with the booking.

  6. Fill in the required details, and proceed to the payment. 

  7. Choose your preferred payment method.

  8. Use the promo code or discount voucher to save more during your vacation. Make sure you check the terms and conditions beforehand. You can check the latest promos in the app or the website.

  9. Make the payment with your preferred payment method.

  10. After the payment is successful, you will receive an e-voucher sent to the email address registered to your account.


Rent Your Villas & Apartments on!

Grab the opportunity to earn additional income and maximize your sales potential by becoming a partner! You can register your property to market and grow your accommodation. Your listing can reach more people all over the world.

Another benefit of becoming a partner is there is an analytic feature to help you analyze your property performance easily. You can also use the manage availability feature to manage allotments and maximize revenue. So, what are you waiting for? Let's rent your accommodation on right now! Read the complete information on how to become a partner and rent your accommodation here!